Impact crusher in stone production line

Impact crusher in stone production line

Impact crusher in stone production line in principle and structure

Our unified warranty system for factory equipment purchased, except wearing parts, complete set of equipment of stone production line machine warranty, the customer is responsible for the installation of technical services, to provide installation services. Crusher is an important equipment of stone production line, our company's back-breaking in stone production line in principle and is structured as follows:

Impact crusher Stone production line works

Impact crusher rotor V-belt drive by a fixed direction of rotation by a motor, in which the body hanging above two back plate, the material from the inlet into the rotor, is fixed on the rotor plate hammer blow to fight back panel, and then fall from the counter board and rotor continuous play up gob mutual impact, so gob crushing cavity, the cycle of repeated movement between the rotor, the back plate is formed, and have a strong impact of the phenomenon, slug along its natural cracks or dents broken.

Structure Description impact crusher

Impact crusher main organism part, the rotor back plate portion and two other major components. The upper and lower parts of the body for the two parts of the body, all-welded steel plate, upper and lower body with bolts, the body has a number of cast iron or steel liner plate screwed to the housing inner wall in order to protect the body from wear and tear, it is provided in the body Several small door to facilitate observation, repair and replacement of wearing parts, doors inlaid with rubber tubing or sheet rubber dust seal. Rotor portion of the rotor body is made of steel. Board hammer can use both sides, both sides need to replace worn new rotor body fixed on the rotor shaft, at one end of the rotor shaft equipped with V-belt pulleys, whereby the input power that is, the rotor shaft membership two rolling bearing and fixed to the lower on the body. Crusher back plate introduction of the Netherlands technology, using welded steel plate, top with screws high manganese steel liner, back plate and plate hammer clearance can be adjusted as needed, if large pieces or crushed ore (metal parts or other hard debris, etc.) will automatically fall into the back plate is pushed upward, from the insurance role.

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