Proper Operation of the Jaw Crusher

Proper Operation of the Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, silicate and chemical sectors. The main work is hard and medium-hard ores or coarsely crushed stone and broken. Since the jaw crusher wide range of applications, major changes in the work environment, so the normal operation of machinery has a very important role to ensure proper use. Here to introduce specific methods jaw crusher.

Crusher start preparatory work before: Check the ore crushing cavity or other debris, if found should be cleaned to ensure the crusher start under no-load conditions, this point is particularly important. To avoid unexpected situations occur, you need to signal prior notice before starting the crusher.

Work content crusher startup: start the pump motor, observe the oil pressure, oil flow indicator is normal, and then start the main motor. Crusher to enter a period of time after the start of normal operation state, before this can not carry out other operations. Only after determining the mechanical uniformity to the normal operation of the machine does not emit noise or percussion mine, avoid mechanical overload. Crusher operation work often vocal chunk ore mine mouth stuck phenomenon, and this situation do not panic, first turning professional with an iron hook or appliance to discharge, as the phenomenon is still there, close to the mining machine, to be chunks ore crushing and then open to the mining machine. Cleanup must not hand crusher ore block, so as to avoid audible casualties.

Jaw crusher in normal operation, should regularly check the lubrication of each lubrication point is good. And pay attention to the bearing temperature. Particularly eccentric bearing temperature must not exceed 60 ℃. We should always observe the oil temperature measurement instrument, or try to touch the hand of the way to check bearing temperature rise. Oil out of the permissible range, should stop to check, determine the cause and eliminate.

Use will be a lot of jaw crusher accident occurs, so the correct operation of the crusher is even more important, not only to ensure the correct use of one of the important factors crusher continuous work properly, it is to avoid all kinds of accidents and other conditions effective way to happen. Proper operation of jaw crusher is also laying the groundwork for the mechanical maintenance, effectively reducing the jaw crusher unnecessary wear, but also extend the life of jaw crusher, to ensure that important aspects of production quality.

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