Calcite Grinding Mill In China

Calcite Grinding Machine In China

Calcite Introduction

Calcite is a kind of calcium carbonate mineral with wide distribution. The Mohs’ hardness of calcite is 3. It is generally used as raw material in chemical, cement and some other industries. In metallurgy, calcite is used as flux. In construction, calcite can be used to produce cement and lime. Also, calcite can be used for plastic, paper making. While producing glass, if we add calcite, the produced glass will be translucent, particularly suitable for making glass lamp chimney.

Calcite Grinding Machine In China

If we want to get calcite powder for various applications, we need grinding machine. As a professional manufacturer in China, SBM provides several different types and various different models of calcite grinding machine. We provide trapezium mill (MTM, MTW Series), ball mill, vertical grinding mill, ultrafine mill (XZM, LUM, MTM130X series), and hammer mill and some other types of grinding machine for sale.

Among these mills, the fineness of ultrafine mill can be adjusted between 325mesh to 2500mesh, particularly suitable for super fine calcite powder making. And hammer mill is for coarse calcite powder with 0-3mm making. For all the calcite grinding machines from SBM, the capacity and fineness can both adjusted according to the specific requirements of customers.

Calcite Powder Production Line

In a complete calcite powder production line, there generally is a small jaw crusher, a grinding mill, one bucket elevator, one feeder. Here the jaw crusher is mainly used to crush the raw calcite into smaller particles that are proper for the feed opening of grinding mill. Obviously, grinding mill is used to grind the calcite particles into powder with required sizes. Bucket elevator is used to lift the calcite particles into the feeder. And feeder is to feed the calcite to grinding mill for grinding.

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