Complete Mica Grinding Plant

Complete Mica Grinding Plant


Mica is a kind of rock-forming mineral. And its features are insulation, high temperature resistant, glossy, stable physical& chemical properties, excellent thermal insulation, elasticity and tenacity. In industry, muscovite is the most commonly used, followed by phlogopite. Mica is widely used in construction material, fire industry, and fire extinguishing agent, electric welding rod, paper making, bituminized paper, rubber, and pearl pigment and so on. In order to get mica powder, we need mica grinding mill. In this article, we focus on complete mica grinding plant.

Complete Mica Grinding Plant

In complete mica grinding plant, we need jaw crusher, bucket elevator, feeder, grinding mill and belt conveyor etc. Firstly, the raw mica will be fed into jaw crusher for coarsely crushing into smaller particles that are match with the feed opening of grinding mill. Then, the crushed mica particles will be lifted to the feeder by bucket elevator. After this, the particles will be fed into grinding mill for grinding into powder with desired sizes. And we get final mica powder.

In this plant, there are several different machines involved, and SBM professional engineers will recommend suitable machines according to the specific production requirements of customers.

Mica Grinding Mill For Sale

As we know, the common seen specifications of mica powder are 80-100mesh, 150mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, 800mesh, and 1250mesh etc. SBM provides various types and models of grinding mills for sale, which can totally handle these specifications. The fineness of SBM ultrafine mill can even reach to 2500mesh, particularly suitable for super fine mica powder making. According to the requirements of customers, we will recommend suitable mica grinding mill and quote the best price.

If you are interested in the above mica grinding plant or only one single mica grinding mill for sale, please contact our online operator for more info. They are 24/7 hours online ready to help all the customers.

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