Gravel Crusher And Screen Machine

Gravel Crusher And Screen Machine

Gravel is a kind of very important material in construction field. It can be used for road paving. And according to statistics, at present the whole length of gravel road in the world is even longer than the total length of cement road and asphalt road. And as we know, gravel can be classified into bulk gravel, coarse gravel and fine gravel, among which fine gravel is the important raw material for concrete making. No matter for road paving or concrete making, we need to first process the gravel into proper sizes. Crushing is the necessary stage, so in this article, we mainly introduce gravel crusher and screen machine.

Gravel Crusher And Screen Machine

Gravel Crusher Machine

Because of the high hardness of gravel, so we suggest jaw crusher and cone crusher instead of impact crusher to process it. There are two reasons: on the one hand, if we adopt impact crusher to crush the gravel, it will cause badly damage to the blow bar and impact plate in impact crusher. On the other hand, because of the working principle of impact crusher, there will be much powder produced in the crushing process. SBM provides PE, PEW and HJ series jaw crusher and HST, HP, HPT and S series cone crusher for the customers to choose.

Gravel Screen Machine

For the gravel screen machine, SBM provides vibrating screen with two decks, three decks and four decks. They can separate the gravel particles into 3, 4 and 5 different sizes for better use.

Gravel Crushing Plant Design

In a gravel crushing plant, we need primary crusher, secondary crusher, feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. And while designing a complete gravel crushing plant, there are several factors we should consider about. The first one is the capacity. The plant designed should meet the requirement about capacity. The second one is the input& output size of gravel. The third one is the working site. While designing a plant, we should also consider about the size of the machine and the size of working site. The last factor is the matching of each machine in the plant.

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