Reliable Impact Crusher For Limestone

Reliable Impact Crusher For Limestone

Limestone Introduction

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). And the Mohs’ hardness of limestone is 3, medium hard. Limestone is the main raw material for making glass. Besides, lime and limestone are used as construction material in large quantity and they are also important material for many industries. After burning process, limestone can be turned into powdered calcium carbonate, which can be used as filler for rubber, plastic, paper, toothpaste and cosmetics and so on. Quick lime made from limestone can also be used as drying agent and disinfectant.

Reliable Impact Crusher For Limestone

Since limestone has medium hardness, we suggest our reliable impact crusher to process it. Compared with traditional impact crusher, SBM reliable impact crusher has the following advantages while used for limestone crushing.

First of all, it is designed on the basis of the right back-breaking of the most important part- the rotor for special processing, so that the special heavy rotor can obtain higher moment of inertia. In this case, the crushing efficiency will be effectively improved. Secondly, SBM adopts high wear-resistant material to make the crushing cavity, which not only extend the service life but also improve the crushing effect. Thirdly, the unique fix design of blow bar ensures the reliable performance of SBM impact crusher, avoiding the drop of blow bar.

Limestone Impact Crusher Price

For the price of the above limestone impact crusher, on the one hand, there are PF and PFW series impact crusher for sale. There prices are different. On the other hand, in each type, there are various models. Their prices are also different. So the engineer will first recommend suitable type and model for customers and then quote the best price. If you are interested in the limestone impact crusher, do not hesitate to contact our online operator for more info.

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