River Pebble Sand Making Machine Project

River Pebble Sand Making Machine Project

River pebble is a kind of silicate mineral with hard texture, abrasion resistance and stable chemical properties. After crushing, sand making and screening and some other process, natural river pebble can be made into artificial sand. The river pebble artificial sand is very important industrial material that is widely used in the artificial sand production and stone deformation in water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade highway, highway, railway, bridge, airport runway, high-rise buildings etc. Sand from river pebble is also widely used as aggregate for concrete. Besides, there are rich river pebble resources, so the investment cost is relatively low, making river pebble an ideal material for artificial sand making.

River Pebble Sand Making Project

In a complete river pebble sand making project, sand making machine is necessary. Besides and making machine, we also need also other machines to form a complete river pebble sand production line and to get better effect. Generally, a complete river pebble sand production line should consist of feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor etc.

Before sand making, we need to process the river pebble into proper sizes for the feed opening of sand making machine. In the sand making project, jaw crusher is the primary crusher and cone crusher is the secondary crusher. They work together to crush the raw river pebble into required sizes. And the sand making machine will process the river pebble particles into artificial sand. And vibrating screen will grade and separate the sand into different sizes and gradations for better use.

The work flow is: raw river pebble—feeder—jaw crusher—cone crusher—vibrating screen—sand making machine—vibrating screen—final artificial sand.

If you are interested in artificial sand production and want to know more about the river pebble sand making project, please contact our online service for more info.

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