Small Kaolin Jaw Crusher Cost

Small Kaolin Jaw Crusher Cost

Kaolin Introduction

Kaolin is a kind of non-metallic mineral with wide applications. Pure kaolin is white, delicate and loose, and has excellent deformability, refractoriness and some other physical properties. Kaolin is mainly used for paper making, ceramics and fireproof materials, secondly used for paint, rubber filler, enamel glaze and white cement. Kaolin can even be used in plastic, oil paint, pigment, chemical, textile, medicine, national defense etc.

Small Kaolin Jaw Crusher Cost

In order to be applied in the above mentioned applications, we need firstly to process kaolin into powder with proper sizes. in the kaolin powder production plant, we not only need grinding mill to grind the kaolin into powder, but also need a small jaw crusher to crush the raw kaolin into proper sizes to be sent to the grinding mill.

There are several different models with different costs of SBM small kaolin jaw crusher. Their capacity range is from 2 to 22 tons per hour, particularly suitable for small scaled kaolin powder production. And in order to extend the service life, SBM adopts high manganese steel to make the jaw plates. Besides, we also adopt special designed crushing cavity in order to improve the crushing efficiency.

Related Machines

As we know, whiteness is a very important factor to judge the quality of kaolin powder. In order to improve the whiteness of kaolin powder, we need to adopt beneficiation equipment to remove the impurities out. SBM provides various different machines that can be used, such as flotation machine, jigger, magnetic separator etc.

If you are interested in the above mentioned machines and want to know about the cost, feel free to contact us. The engineers will recommend suitable type and model for you, and then quote the best price.

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