Brazil Tin Ore Flotation Machine

Brazil Tin Ore Flotation Machine

Tin and its alloy have wide applications in the modern national defense, industry, high technology and people’s daily life. In Brazil, the tin reserves occupies above 10% of the total tin reserves in the whole world. Many Brazil customers contact SBM for tin ore processing equipment. In this article, we focus on tin ore flotation machine.

Brazil Tin Ore Flotation Machine

In the year 2011, a Brazil customer contacted SBM and said he wanted to know more about the tin ore flotation machine for sale. After communication, we learned about the taste of his tin ore before processing and the taste he wanted to reach. Considering about the capacity, the taste and working site condition, the engineer recommended SBM BF series flotation machine for him.

There are several reasons our engineer recommended this flotation machine for the customer: first of all, the impeller of BF flotation machine is composed of dosed double section cones, making it can produce strong slurry cycle downward and increasing the efficiency. Secondly, the capacity of air suction is large, but the power consumption is quite low. Thirdly, every tank in the flotation machine has three functions of air suction, slurry suction and flotation, which simultaneously forms flotation return circuit.

Tin Ore Flotation Process Design

While designing a complete tin ore flotation processing plant, we should firstly consider about the size of the raw tin ore. If the tin ore has large size, we should first crush and grind it into proper sized powder. And secondly, engineers should decide which model we should adopt according to the capacity, power, final products and some other requirements of customers.

If you are interested in tin ore processing, please contact SBM. We can provide professional crusher, grinding mill and beneficiation equipment for all the customers.

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