Coal Washing Crushing Plant

Coal Washing Crushing Plant

Washing Crushing Plant price quotes

How much is the coal washing crushing plant? This is a problem that most users pay more attention to when purchasing equipment. When users purchase coal washing crushing plants, they often have a confused water. I don't know how to choose a coal washing crushing plant with reasonable price, good equipment quality and good after-sales. There are many manufacturers of sand washing machines. The quality, performance, power, processing capacity and other configurations not only determine the price of the equipment, but also determine the service life of the equipment. Therefore, there are some points to be aware of when purchasing the sand washing machine.

Know what you need

When selecting a device, the user needs to know what material is selected for the selected device, and how much capacity is required, so that the model size of the selected device can be better determined.

Understand price differences

As a popular selection equipment in the market, the coal washing crushing plant has high washing performance and stable operation, and is well received by users. Nowadays, there are more and more sand washing machine manufacturers on the market. The quality performance is also uneven, and the price is also different. Therefore, users should know the difference in equipment price in terms of the quality and performance of the integrated equipment when purchasing equipment.

As coal, when coal ash is not too high and stable quality to meet user requirements, generally do not have washing, the pre-grading, screening out the end of the coal export. This can greatly simplify the process, especially the simplified coal washing crushing plant processing system, can reduce investment in infrastructure and coal preparation plant processing costs, and are environmentally friendly. Sorting limit of gas coal is generally set at 13mm or 25mm, when the coal moisture less than 7%, particle size classification can be identified as 13mm or 6mm, otherwise it can be increased to 25mm. Classification of coal blocks after the election or the election process with a heavy jig referrals. When a high ash coal or user requirements assigned a portion of the low ash coke coal should be considered when all selected, then the processing technology and product solutions should be considered together. Glial layer thickness for lower gas coal, coal may flotation, jigging method can be selected when mixing; for large plants, can be considered when large lump lump coal heavy medium, Powder Coal Jig joint process.

Different coal coalfield, each coal seam, even in the same coal seam of the small lump in nature are different, so use different coal washing crushing plant crushing, but also with different washing methods deal with. For coal washability of difficulty, you can determine the effect of washing operation, and this is the degree of difficulty depends on many of the following factors: the degree of symbiosis with coal gangue; coal preparation operations are based on characteristics such as specific gravity, color and other differences; washing method and the like. For example: There is no (or minimal) coal and coal gangue in symbiosis, only mixed with a large proportion of the difference between coal and waste rock block, if the washing operation is based on the proportion of the components of the coal to carried out, all of these factors such as coal symbolizes good washability.

If according to the color of coal mixed with chunks of gangue easily when picked, which can be hand-picked to ensure the smooth operation of the waste rock. Some relatively clean coal, almost no waste rock, so there is no need washing. This coal is called clean coal. Other raw coal mixed with a lot of waste rock, and they are very difficult to remove, such as: coal mixed with waste rock and coal co-students, coal gangue grain and grain proportion of the difference is small, and their differences in color and other less significant Wait.

From the above analysis we can see that coal and coal cleaning process should be more varieties of the diverse nature of the product after the election, try to make the process with a variety of design flexibility for its raw coal, coal preparation plant coal preparation flowsheet design major process should be very cautious. Our company as a professional manufacturer of coal washing crushing plant, coal preparation plant for a variety of coal washing crushing plant, it is also able to provide a reasonable process design, welcome to consult understanding.

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