Common Crusher Equipment Features

Common Crusher Equipment Features

Comparison of common crusher equipment features

Guide: Domestic aggregate production and crusher equipment generally uses two levels of coarse and fine broken. The crusher usually uses a hammer crusher or a jaw crusher. The fine crusher usually uses a counter crusher, a gyratory crusher and a cone crusher. The following analysis of the characteristics of the next five crushers.

1, jaw crusher

Advantages: simple structure, light weight, low price, easy to install and maintain, requires small height of the factory, reliable work, convenient adjustment of the discharge opening, especially for the ore with high moisture and high viscosity during operation.

Disadvantages: The lining plate is easy to wear, the crushed product has uneven particle size, and the feeding device needs to be configured.

2, hammer crusher

Advantages: simple process, simple structure and low price.

Disadvantages: After the hammer is broken, the bulk aggregate has low yield, easy to pulverize, and there are many powder materials. The finished aggregate will produce micro cracks, and the compressive strength will decrease, which will affect the aggregate quality and affect sales.

3, impact crusher

Advantages: small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, uniform product size, good grain shape and selective crushing effect.

Disadvantages: Plate hammers and counter-attacks are particularly prone to wear, especially broken ore, which is more abrasive and needs to be replaced frequently.

4, rotary crusher

Advantages: large processing capacity, good product shape, low energy consumption per unit product, no need to configure feeding equipment, and uniform wear of the liner in the crushing chamber.

Disadvantages: The crusher equipment is complex in structure, expensive, and heavy in weight. It requires a solid foundation, high body, high plant height, high capital investment and difficult maintenance.

5, cone crusher

Advantages: The cone crusher is mainly suitable for crushing rock with high hardness and high abrasive index. Its advantage is that the crushing force is large and the work is relatively stable.

Disadvantages: The equipment is expensive, the investment is large, the product size is poor, and the needle shape is multi-needle.

We hope to help users choose the crusher equipment that suits them.

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