Construction Waste Crushing Plant

Construction Waste Crushing Plant

Construction waste is the construction units or individuals on various buildings, structures , etc. for construction, laying or removal, muck generated during the renovation , spoil, disposable materials and other wastes . Currently, the number of construction waste has accounted for 40% -50 % of the total municipal waste , but the vast majority of construction waste without any treatment , he was transported to the suburbs or rural construction unit , open dumps or landfills , a considerable amount of the land acquisition fees, garbage fees, construction funds , while the removal and stacking process Yisa and dust , sand flying ash and other issues also caused serious environmental pollution. Thus recycling of construction waste , not only has significant environmental benefits, will produce huge economic benefits. Many of the construction waste by sorting the waste , after removing or crushed , mostly as a renewable resource can be reused .

Jaw crusher performance characteristics

  1. simple structure, easy maintenance , stable performance, low operating costs, high crushing ratio ;
  2. crushing chamber depth and no dead zone , improved feeding capacity and output ;
  3. its crushing ratio , uniform particle size ;
  4. gasketed discharge opening adjustment device , reliable and convenient , large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment ;
  5. lubrication system is safe and reliable , easy parts replacement , small maintenance workload ;

Construction waste processing equipment

In the field of construction waste processing , construction waste disposal equipment for crushing plant is a professional construction waste for recycling broken novel crushing and screening equipment , which integrates vibrating screen, feeder, belt conveyor, a , secondary and tertiary crushers made ​​. The product developed entirely from the user's point of view, for customers to solve the transportation of large equipment with high installation costs , greatly reducing the crushing period.

Integrated unit which forms the product installation , eliminating the complex installation of site infrastructure assembly , reducing material consumption hours . Crew reasonably compact space layout, improve the flexibility of field presence . While also reducing unnecessary transport costs and improve the flexibility of mobility equipment , greatly improving the adaptability of outdoor jobs. From the technical point of view , the performance of the domestic construction waste disposal equipment favorably on foreign technology , and combined with the needs of the Chinese market , in addition to domestic manufacturers of advanced foreign technology combined with affordable, fast and perfect after-sales service , especially for domestic customers to choose.

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