Copper Slag Crusher

Copper Slag Crusher

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Copper ore crusher, the equipment currently in use have broad jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and so on. SBM jaw crusher copper ore is high manganese steel casting is complete, with wear, compression, etc., for a variety of crude ore materials, broken job. Cone crusher product size can be adjusted with a high production capacity, product quality advantages, more suitable for crushing ore operation of materials, such as iron ore, copper ore, granite, and so on. The choice of copper ore crusher, the user can make reference to comments and suggestions made by crushing machine manufacturers, and the factory inspection equipment after making a decision.

Appeared on the market a lot of slag crushing and processing equipment, especially crushing equipment is everywhere, however, because mine waste materials are high hardness, and which may contain highly acidic substances, corrosive. Therefore, experts recommend conducting waste crushing able to choose specialized corrosion resistant hard material crusher. It is understood that specializes in the production and manufacture of crushing machine manufacturers - SBM has developed advanced technology and equipment in the slag, steel slag, copper ore crushing process.

Copper Slag processing production process

Copper ore processing and production processes include: crushing, grinding, beneficiation of these three processes. Crushing process, the three sections of closed-circuit crushing is suitable for most modern high hardness of copper ore crusher, ore crushing and partial to complete dissociation of the work, thereby enhancing subsequent grinding efficiency; grinding process, Sec grinding is a closed Efficient grinding process, you can make copper mill more fully; beneficiation process, the more successful new technology in recent years, with a representative of the main flotation process.


Partnership with SBM, is the industry's friend, the friend's device running very smooth, good quality, yield also fully meet the expectations of profit is fine, so I chose SBM products, we bought a jaw broken and three-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, good results. - The person in charge of a mining Turkey

Crushing and screening process

Chunks of copper ore sent through the silo by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station (early break) uniformly crushing; copper ore after crushing after vibrating sieve, by a conveyor belt to a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (two broken) carried in pieces; copper ore after crushing the material in multi-cylinder hydraulic cone into the crusher crushing. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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