Explain Usage Of Vibrating Screening Equipment

Explain Usage Of Vibrating Screening Equipment

Intermediate transmission shaker using a flexible coupling connection, equipment vibration amplitude larger and more stable , significantly improved through capacity and screening efficiency vibrating screen , vibrating screen to ensure reliable operation and extended service life. In addition, circular vibrating screen shaker with external eccentric structure by adjusting the eccentric quantity, adjust the amplitude and the excitation force shaker . Exciter more directly fixed to the side of the screen box , easy customer installation and maintenance .

Compared to the traditional circular vibrating screen , I produced the circular vibrating screen is not only more flexible , more convenient maintenance , the broader range of applications , can be applied to metal mining, construction, coal, cement and solid waste disposal , etc. a number of areas , to meet the needs of more customers .

Shaker which of these parts ?

There sieve shaker boxes , screen, vibrator, damping spring device , chassis and other components. Using cylinder -type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust amplitude vibrator mounted on the sieve box side , rotated by a motor through V-belt , resulting centrifugal force , forcing the screen box vibrate. Screen machines made ??of high quality steel side panels , side panels and beams, shaker base is made of high strength bolts or ring groove rivet connection. Vibrator is mounted on the side screen box , a motor driven by the rotation of the coupling , resulting centrifugal force , forcing the screen to vibrate.

Screening machine for the seat installation. Screen angle can be adjusted by changing the position of the spring bearing height to achieve. General Motors circular vibrating screen installed on the right side of the screen frame , and can also be installed on the left side of the screen frame , if no special requirements , the manufacturer according to the direction of movement of the right side of the installation materials supplier . Screen is the main wearing parts. According to the variety of materials and user requirements , can be high manganese steel woven mesh , perforated metal and rubber sieve sieve sieve surface has two single and double , sieve can meet all kinds of high efficiency, long life without plugging holes requirements.

Clever use of the shaker improve efficiency

Use shaker directly affects its life, the use of clever ways to extend the life of the shaker . Here are some clever use of the method and effect shaker after use .

  1. exciter and screen box connection bolts to bolt, the bolt can not be used in place of the ordinary , fastening must be checked regularly , at least once a month . Even if any loose bolts , bolts cut will lead to other , causing damage to the screen .
  2. When replacing the woven mesh , there to protect the screen box between the side plates and the screen is equal to the gap hook , pressing the middle of the first fastening flat , taut tension plate while maintaining a uniform screen surface tension , and hand hammer tapping along the full length , check the tension situation . If the contact is not good , not enough tension or uneven , is one of the important reasons for premature failure of the screen .
  3. Bearing work should not exceed 75 ℃, because there is a new process of running the exciter , it is possible temperature is slightly higher, but after running after 8h, the temperature should be stabilized, if the temperature is too high to continue , you should check the oil level , oil level and oil cleanliness.

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