Impact Crusher Operation

Impact Crusher Operation

How to adjust the clearance between the rotor and the counter-liner?

When the rotor is running, the impact crusher gap between the rotor and the counter-liner cannot be adjusted. If the material is stuck between the counterattack plate and the plate shell in a block, it is recommended to raise the counter frame slightly before re-adjusting the gap, so that the feed of the block will become loose, and the counter frame can be easily adjusted. If the counter frame is not enough, Tap on the loose lever (protected with a piece of wood). The gap between the rotor and the backing plate is completed by the adjustment device of the machine. First loosen the screw sleeve and then turn the long nut. At this time, the lever will move in the direction of the arrow. Then tighten the screw sleeve.

How to adjust the counter lining?

Adjusting the counter linings requires opening the rear shelves, and all linings are allowed to be interchanged in areas with heavy wear and lighter wear. When a liner is worn out on only one side, it can be rotated 90бу or 180бу to continue use. When it is found that there is a backlog of material stuck on the counter-attack frame, the washer and bolt can be used behind the backing plate on the side of the counter-attack to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.

How to adjust the gap between the bottom of the feed port and the hammer?

There is a side steel at the bottom of the feed end of the impact crusher. When the corner of the blank is worn, it can be rotated by 90бу to control the unloading of the unbroken aggregate. When adjusting, remove the square cover on both sides of the rack, then pull out the square steel, rotate it and then load it.

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