Jaw Crusher Capacity

Jaw Crusher Capacity

1, strictly control the feeding size, no card cavity, blockage

The design size of the jaw crusher feed port has such a formula: feed port size = (1.1 ~ 1.25) * raw material large particle size. Many production personnel do not understand it, always using the measured feed port size as the large feed size. Therefore, it is easy to block the cavity by exceeding the predetermined large-diameter material in the raw material. Although it is not blocked repeatedly, every time it is blocked, the device will not work normally for a long time. Therefore, strict control of the particle size of the raw material is one of the important prerequisites for ensuring the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

2, strictly control the amount of feed to prevent clogging due to excessive

Many enterprises have seriously affected the production because of insufficient initial feeding. Therefore, the silo has been technically modified. However, due to the lack of equipment for limiting the amount of feed, the modified silo often has another phenomenon of overcorrection, that is, overfeeding. . Since the working principle of smashing is semi-rhythm work, if excessive material is put in, the material will not be broken, and the broken material can not be eliminated in time, resulting in jamming. Therefore, both breakage and overfeeding will affect the capacity of the smash.

3, rhythm feeding, control feeding, to ensure that the normal operation

At present, the crushing section of the ore dressing enterprise mostly uses the end chute feeding. The 2/3 of the whole feeding equipment is even exposed outside the warehouse. Due to the remote feeding port, the feeding equipment has completely turned into a vibrating chute. The feed rate is poor and the wear is severe. The feeding position of the mining machine should be in the range of 1/3 of the top of the equipment, but vertical feeding is strictly forbidden to prevent the equipment from being damaged by vibration or affecting the conveying effect. Especially when dumping directly with a dump truck, the drawbacks of vertical feeding are more serious. Therefore, how to adjust the angle of the lower bin to ensure smooth feeding and no pressing, so that the rhythm of the mining machine and the processing rhythm of the jaw crusher match, is the technical guarantee of normal feeding.

4, adjust the angle of the feeder, make full use of the screening function of the feeder to achieve pre-screening

Vibrating feeders often have purlins and some screening functions. However, in practical applications, due to amplitude, feed angle, etc., the device is prone to blockage of the sliver in the screening, which makes it lose its original performance. Faced with this situation, many companies have blocked the purlins with steel plates and turned them into a plate feeder. In fact, in the case of proper adjustment, the efficiency of vibration to the miner's purlin is extremely obvious. Adjusting the amplitude, giving the angle to the mining machine, and fully releasing the screening function to the mining machine is a good way to increase the total throughput.

5, reasonable adjustment to break the discharge opening and the angle of the corner, and increase the processing capacity of the equipment

The size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher determines the processing capacity of the equipment. The smashing is often used as a coarse crushing equipment, and the size of the discharge opening should be based on the particle size of the second-stage crushing, and the size of the discharge opening cannot be arbitrarily increased or decreased. The adjustment of the angle of the eye needs to be strictly carried out, generally in the range of 17~26бу. In addition, the horizontal stroke of the moving jaw, the angle of the discharge layer, the rotational speed, the material humidity, etc. are also factors that affect the capacity of the jaw crusher. You can adjust these factors to improve the bankruptcy. If you have other questions and suggestions, please leave a message.

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