Portable Crusher

Portable Crusher

Mobile crushing plant for crushing, fine crushing and screening system, a stand-alone group of independent operations, but also the flexibility to set up the system configuration of the joint operation. Portable mobile crushing station side of the discharge hopper provides variety of configuration flexibility for screening material transport mode, integrated unit configuration in addition to diesel generators to power this unit, you can also configure the workflow system targeted to the Joint Unit power supply, easy maintenance and reliable performance. Mobile crushing station car sites high, the body is less than the width of trailer operation, small turning radius, easy to ordinary highway driving, more convenient travel in broken field area roads rugged harsh environments. As fast entered the site saves time. Portable mobile crushing station construction area is more conducive to reasonable stationed, for the whole crushing process provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration. The purpose of its design concept is the customer's position to eliminate fragmentation site, environmental barriers to customers as a primary crushing operations solutions. Truly provide customers a cost-effective operation of the project hardware facilities.

Portable crushing plant overall fixation

After selecting the location of the portable crusher job site, good site preparation work, the portable crusher open to the appropriate location, outstretched legs will lift portable crusher set up, digging beneath the fixed legs, the size of the pit According to the local soil, depending on the loose soil area and the greater the depth, then the leg bolt-fixing activities in the fixed leg of the coupling, pour concrete foundation at the bottom of the pit activities of the legs until the concrete sets, the adjustment of the concrete surface so crushing station support more stable, and finally retracted elevator leg. In the body only appropriate to add sleepers and other auxiliary support tools in order to achieve adequate steady.

The introduction of portable crusher eliminates the cumbersome structure of the crushing of steel construction, foundation, saving a lot of time. Portable crusher can be directly selected sites, directly to the site, without transport, directly to finished size. Especially for small venues broken for construction waste, construction waste crushing. Mobile crusher station while significantly reducing investment costs, but to improve the investment income. Portable crushing plant initiative is good, it can extend with the raw material or the construction site, without transport, directly to finished size, and can be a variety of combinations, and also according to the type of processing of raw materials, scale and finished material requirements of different uses a variety of configurations to meet the needs of different materials. Mobile crusher station work the entire process the material smooth, reliable, easy to operate, energy efficient.

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