Quarry Crusher

Quarry Crusher

The amount of aggregate increased year by year, high-quality sand and gravel aggregate is in short supply, it led to the establishment of a large number of corresponding quarry, quarry equipment manufacturers current production there are many among the various manufacturers have strength big difference, equipment quality is also good and bad, what quarry crusher general production process is it? Quarry crusher, how to configure it to more economical and more efficient?

Quarry crusher production processes, sand making machine production process, after years of development, the mining machinery industry in terms of technical performance has been greatly improved, the technology has also made a great breakthrough, as the mining machinery industry leader who we produce quarry crusher, sand making machine and other equipment with high quality and strong production capacity and leading technology has been quarries, gravel plant owners have recognized.

Quarry Crusher general process

Chunks of stone by the silo consists of vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher for primary crushing, stone crushing after the conveyor belt to the crusher for further crushing; after stone crushing by conveyor belt feed shaker for screening, screening out several stones of different specifications to meet the size requirements of the finished stone belt conveyor sent to the finished product stockpiles; stones does not meet the size requirements of the belt conveyor feed back to the counter- crusher broken again, many times to form a closed loop. Finished size can be combined and graded according to the needs of users, to protect the environment, the quarry crusher can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.

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