Ball Grinding Machine Installation Maintenance

Ball Grinding Machine Installation Maintenance

Correct installation and maintenance of ball grinding machine

Regular inspections and daily maintenance work are also very important for gear operation. For example, the stability of the injection system and the temperature of the gear meshing surface are regularly checked. For the large gears, the organic solvent can be completely cleaned every two to two years to ensure the system is smooth and flexible. Properly remove the dirt remaining on the tooth surface, thus extending the service life of the large gear.

Careful installation and maintenance work is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the gears and reducing wear. Pay attention to the installation process of the gear:

Ensure that the top clearance, runout, contact, etc. of the large and small gears meet the specified requirements; ensure the meshing accuracy of the large and small gears; also consider the influence of the deflection of the working deflection under the load of the ball grinding machine during installation, calculate the elevation difference between the inlet and outlet ends, and ensure that the operation meets the requirements. Engagement accuracy, avoiding eccentric load; when assembling the pinion, press-fit method should be adopted to prevent premature wear due to annealing of the pinion and reduction of the hardness of the tooth surface due to hot charging, so that the meshing accuracy is reduced and the large gear is affected, when the pinion wears to the limit It is necessary to replace it in time to avoid impact load caused by excessive meshing clearance; manual grinding or shot peening can be performed when changing pinion gear to reduce gear roughness; after the gear is worn to the limit, it can be repaired and reused according to the wear condition. In this way, the service life of the gear can be prolonged, and the material cost can be saved; for the ordinary gear, the large displacement method can be used for repair, and for the large displacement gear, the large pressure angle repair method can be used.

Do a good job in ball grinding machine lubrication

The choice of lubricating oil for the ball grinding machine and the choice of lubrication method should be scientific and reasonable. Lubricating oil selection: When choosing lubricating oil, we should pay attention to the viscosity and oiliness of lubricating oil. At present, there are lubricating oil, grease and solid lubricant commonly used in China. In the gear anti-wear selection of ball grinding machine, there are many applications of lubricating oil. Lubricating oils include gear oils and mechanical oils. Gear oils have high viscosity and good oil properties. They contain more polar substances and are more likely to form oil film during gear transmission. Therefore, the application range of gear oils is more extensive.

Lubrication method selection: The lubrication method includes manual lubrication, oil pool lubrication, drip lubrication and jet lubrication. Compared with other lubrication methods, the oil pool lubrication method is more convenient and convenient, according to the actual working environment of the ball grinding machine. The state selects the appropriate lubrication method.

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