The Cornerstone Of Internet Development

The Cornerstone Of Internet Development

Good order is the cornerstone of Internet development

Advancing the reform of the global Internet governance system should adhere to the following principles: respect for network sovereignty; maintain peace and security; promote open cooperation; and build a good order. With the continuous development of technology, the Internet has become an important part of the mass media, and is showing an increasingly powerful power. In the age of the Internet, where everyone holds a microphone, the Internet is affecting public life extensively and profoundly. It is particularly urgent and important to create an active and healthy network atmosphere while broadening the way.

In fact, if we put our vision on a wider scale, it is not difficult to find that the rise of each kind of network voice and the broadcast of every network event are actually a kind of value. The question is, are these values ??correct? Or, to ask another way, is the content conveyed by these values in line with the feelings of the majority? Needless to say, criticizing ugliness and admiring goodness is always easy to become a hot spot in the transmission of netizens, thus showing a simple value. It is also a rumor that, in many cases, the passionate netizens think they have touched the truth, but they are only used by people to create momentum. The prosperity of the Internet and the rise of the media have stimulated the enthusiasm of the people to participate in political life, and they are also inevitably caused by fragmentation. Thus, the other side of the "crowding" change in China is that each "onlooker" has also been subtly changed in the process.

In the network culture form characterized by virtuality, freedom and openness, the intricate value conflicts are unprecedentedly placed on the same platform, which inevitably puts higher demands on the mainstream values of the network. In fact, netizens do not lack the enthusiasm for participating in public life, nor do they lack rational thinking about moral filtering. The key to the problem is whether there is enough information to enable netizens to make accurate judgments in a timely manner. The so-called "rumors stop at the public", too many hot public events show that the more open and honest, the easier it is to get the understanding of netizens, the more concealed it is, the more easily it is widely questioned. Promoting mainstream values ??cannot rely solely on empty teaching, but also requires an open-minded attitude and practice. If leaders and government agencies at all levels can have more equal exchanges and benign interactions, and add some window of openness to party affairs and open government affairs, it will naturally help to cultivate mainstream values ??of the Internet in the public interactions that are popular and popular.

Not only for people, but also for values. When mainstream values ??influence the behavior of netizens in a subtle way, all negative and negative bad values will look bad. Only by resolving the value conflicts and contradictions in the network can the Internet and netizens be truly mature.

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