Impact Crusher Discharge Opening

Impact Crusher Discharge Opening

What is the adjustment method of the discharge port of the impact crusher?

In the production of impact crusher, in order to obtain better grain type materials, in addition to the previous production process, we also need to pay attention to the adjustment of the discharge port, here is to introduce the problems of the adjustment method.

For the production of materials, the impact crusher mainly has three requirements: production capacity, finished product quality and cost input. These three aspects determine the profit of the production project, and the quality of the finished product is relatively large, such as The nature of the material, the speed, the process of crushing, and the influence of the discharge stage, the impact of the discharge stage is mainly analyzed here, mainly the adjustment of the discharge opening. In actual production, we need to follow the production requirements. There are many ways to adjust the discharge opening. After induction, it can be divided into five categories. Here are five ways to adjust the discharge port of the impact crusher.

1. Hydraulic adjustment, this mainly refers to the use of hydraulic safety device. The thrust plate not only transmits power to make the lining plate swing back and forth, but also has the function of safety insurance. The length of the thrust plate can also be adjusted to adjust the discharge port;

2, gasket adjustment, this method refers to the back pressure plate support and the rear wall of the frame to put or remove a set of equal thickness of the gasket, increase or decrease the number of gaskets or change the thickness of the gasket, so that the impact crusher The discharge port is reduced or increased, and the structure is compact, convenient and quick, and now this method is used more;

3, wedge adjustment, this method is suitable for small impact crusher, which refers to the adjustment of two wedges placed between the rear seat of the thrust plate and the frame;

4, inclined iron adjustment, this method is mainly to use the anti-shock crusher equipment screw, worm, chain and other transmission devices, so that the oblique iron lift, the front oblique iron is installed in the guide groove of the two side walls of the frame, only Can move horizontally, when the rear oblique iron is lifted, the size of the discharge opening also changes;

5, support device adjustment, this method refers to the bearing part of the impact crusher, generally using a plain bearing casted with babbitt, it can withstand large impact loads, but relatively wear-resistant, but to efficiency Low, requiring forced lubrication;

The article mainly introduces the problems of the adjustment mode of the discharge port of the impact crusher. The above first introduces the importance of the discharge port adjustment, and then analyzes the adjustment methods of the five common discharge ports, for each The introduction of the species is more detailed. In actual production, it can be selected according to specific needs.

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