Raymond Mill Grinding Ring

Raymond Mill Grinding Ring

Customers buy Raymond mill

Raymond Mill customers and enterprises form a good environment of trust in order to facilitate the development of follow-up cooperation. So, what are the characteristics of the Raymond Grinding Ring that we produce? The Raymond mill has two styles of air ducts, one is disc-shaped, one is square, and the disc-type base is new Raymond mill, and the bottom is without deceleration. The square base is old-fashioned and has a reducer type. The square corners are drilled with holes for supporting legs. These four support legs are also removed during installation, just designed for convenient transportation.

Each type of air duct corresponds to a complete set of drawings, so to understand this type of Raymond mill is starting from the most basic. Raymond mill air duct system design process is simple and reliable. In the current ore grinding industry, advanced tail exhaust fan system is adopted, and some series products adopt dual fan system, each has its own advantages.

Overall, the exhaust fan system is excellent. Later, because the system process is simple and reliable, the tail exhaust fan is adopted to avoid complicated air duct aisles, the pressure loss is small, the air volume wind pressure is easy to adjust and control, the fan and pipeline wear is reduced, and the maintenance down time is reduced, although the tail The exhaust fan motor has a large power, but its overall efficiency is much better than that of the dual fan system.

The characteristics of our Raymond grinding ring: 65Mn (65 Mn): The Raymond mill grinding ring has a significant improvement in durability after using this material. This product is characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance and magnetic properties. Mainly used in the field of powder processing where the product needs iron removal. After normalizing and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the product are greatly improved, so that the product not only has good wear resistance, but also greatly improves the toughness. Mn13 (13 Mn): Compared with 65 Mn, the Raymond mill grinding ring has been improved in durability after being cast with Mn13 material. The casting of this product was subjected to water toughness treatment after pouring. After water tough treatment, the casting has high tensile strength, toughness, plasticity and non-magnetic properties. Makes the Raymond mill grinding ring more durable. When subjected to severe impact and strong pressure deformation during use, the surface is work hardened and martensite is formed to form a high wear-resistant surface layer, while the inner layer maintains excellent toughness even when worn with a grinding roller. It can also withstand large impact loads.

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