Role Of Raymond Mill Abrasive Silo

Role Of Raymond Mill Abrasive Silo

The role of Raymond mill shell

Is the fan casing of the Raymond mill relatively easy to damage? This depends on what kind of material the customer has smashed, and how much fine the customer's requirements are, so as to determine how powerful the fan is. Generally, the speed of the fan is stable. If you want to change the speed of the fan of the Raymond mill, you need to adjust the size of the two pulleys. Through these two parts, the speed is changed. Raymond mill's fan shell also has such a factor that affects its use, that is, the return material, if the return material is too much, it is easy to damage the fan. Normally there will be no problems. Like these problems, we have already dealt with them in the process of processing and production.

Raymond mill is an indispensable equipment in the production of milling powder. Therefore, even if it enters the low season of the machinery industry, Raymond mill will have a certain sales volume because it has irreplaceable functions.

In the grinding production process, after the bucket elevator lifts the material to a certain height, it will flow into the Raymond abrasive silo, and the lower end of the silo will be connected to the automatic feeder to feed the main machine and then grind the production. In this process, many customers are in the process. After examining the equipment, it is often asked what role the silo plays. After the bucket elevator directly connected to the feeder, give up the silo, can you do it? The answer is no, because the elevator is running continuously, and the feeding through the feeder is synchronized with the Raymond mill. When the material in the machine reaches a certain amount, the feeder stops feeding to prevent the material from being blocked, and the material in the machine is automatically fed. During this period, the silo is used as a storage bin for the material.

The width of the Raymond abrasive bin is generally 1.3 meters, which is the standard width of the small and medium silos, and the bins of large equipment will be wider. Some users think that after purchasing the equipment, they do not need broken materials and directly feed them into the silo with a loading cart or a small forklift. At this time, there must be a certain solution. If necessary, the silo can be widened, or By other means, it is possible to prevent the material from being sprinkled and to allow the silo to function as a storage.

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