Grinding Mill For Calcite Powder Making

Grinding Mill For Calcite Powder Making

Calcite is a kind of very commonly seen mineral. Calcite powder has wide applications. It is generally used as filler in artificial floor tile, rubber, plastic, paper making, paint, oil paint, printing pink, textile, and electric cable and so on. As filler, calcite powder is mainly used to increase the volume of products and to reduce the production cost. So in this article, we mainly talk about grinding mill for calcite powder making.

Grinding Mill For Calcite Powder Making

In the grinding mill for calcite powder making, we need a small crusher, bucket elevator, hopper, feeder, grinding mill, electric control system and so on. Here, crusher is used to crush the raw calcite into proper sizes to enter the grinding mill and grinding mill is used to grind calcite into required sized powder.

For different production requirements, the machines chosen in the grinding mill are also different. For small crusher used in the calcite powder production plant, we have small jaw crusher and hammer crusher for the customers to choose. And for grinding mill, SBM provides various different types and models, such as trapezium mill, vertical mill, ultrafine mill, and ball mill and so on, which can grind calcite into different fineness. The engineer will choose suitable machines according to the requirements of customers.

Tips For Maintenance Of Calcite Grinding Mill

  1. In the operation process of the grinding mill, there should be fixed operators take in charge of it.
  2. In order to ensure the normal running of the grinding mill, operators should regularly maintain and lubricate the spare parts.
  3. After a certain time operation, operators should check the main wear-resistant parts like roller and ring in grinding mill. Once found problem, operator should change the worn parts timely.

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