Gold Flotation Machine For Sale

Gold Flotation Machine For Sale

In complete gold processing plant, beneficiation is the key step to decide the final gold concentrate quality. In general, flotation method can be used to beneficiate all the mineral, especially for non-ferrous metallic minerals, like gold. In this article, we mainly talk about gold flotation machine for sale.

Gold Flotation Machine For Sale

SBM provides several different types of gold flotation machine for sale, such as BF flotation machine, SF series flotation machine and XCF/KYF series flotation machine. SBM gold flotation machine has high separation efficiency and high concentration ratio. Besides, it is efficient in the comprehensive utilization of gold ore.

BF Series Flotation Machine

BF series flotation machine is mainly used for processing mineral ores with relatively larger specific gravities. Its impeller is composed by closed double section cones and it can produce strong slurry cycle downward. Every tank in this flotation machine has three functions of air suction, slurry suction and flotation simultaneously with automatic flotation return circuit. Besides, its capacity of air suction is large, and the power consumption is low.

SF Series Flotation Machine

SF series flotation machine can imbibe the air and gold ore pulp spontaneously. And it is horizontal arranged, no foam pump is required. The fore-raking tank of SF series flotation machine can ensure the flurry and foams not sink and foams can return.

XCF/KYF Series Flotation Machine

XCF and KYF series flotation machines are enforced aeration flotation cells. They have similar structures and almost the same overall dimension sizes and they always work together to process the mineral ores. Due to the reasonable design of impeller structure and the impeller space, the impeller wearing is even, reagents consumption and operation costs are both low.

These several types of flotation machines have different features and different specifications, so their prices are obviously different. If you are interested in the gold flotation machine and want to know about the price, contact SBM for more info.

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