Stone Vibrating Screen Machine

Stone Vibrating Screen Machine

In stone processing line, after crushing we generally adopt vibrating screen to grade the crushed materials into different sizes for better use. There are linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen for stone grading. SBM mainly provides circular vibrating screen for sale. In this article, we mainly introduce SBM stone vibrating screen machine.

Stone Vibrating Screen Machine

SBM provides YK series and YKN series vibrating screen for stone processing.

YK Series Vibrating Screen

SBM YK series vibrating screen is mainly used to separate the stones into various sizes for further processing or for end use. There are two kinds of YK series vibrating screen, one is two-deck vibrating screen and the other is three-deck vibrating screen. The two-deck YK vibrating screen can separate and grade the crushed stones into 3 different sizes while the three-deck vibrating screen can separate the crushed stones in 4 different sizes. Besides, SBM YK series vibrating screen has high screening efficiency and large capacity range, meeting different production requirements of customers.

YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN series vibrating screen adopts eccentric vibration exciter and flexible connector, which makes the amplitude bigger and more stable than traditional vibrating screens. Like YK series vibrating screen, SBM YKN series vibrating screen has two-deck and three-deck type. Besides, it also has four-deck type to separate the crushed stones into 5 different sizes. In the operation process, operators can adjust the amplitude and exciting force by changing the eccentric blocks quantity. What’s more, this type of vibrating screen is easy to install and maintain, greatly save the manual cost for customers.

If you are interested in the above mentioned vibrating screen for sale and want to know about the price or other details, please contact our online operator for more info. They are 24/7 hours online ready to help all the customers.

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