Vertical Roller Mill In Calcite Grinding Line

Vertical Roller Mill In Calcite Grinding Line

Calcite powder can be used as filler in various industries in order to increase the volume of products and to reduce the production cost for customers. In order to get calcite powder with required sizes, we need calcite grinding line. And in calcite grinding line, grinding roller mill is the core equipment that decides the quality of final calcite powder. In this article, we mainly introduce vertical roller mill used in calcite grinding line.

Vertical Mill In Calcite Grinding Line

In calcite grinding line, we need a small jaw crusher, vertical mill, bucket elevator, feeder etc. Vertical mill is installed after feeder. Calcite will be fed into vertical mill for grinding after being crushed into proper sizes in the jaw crusher and being lifted to the feeder by bucket elevator.

Many customers wonder why we choose vertical roller mill in the calcite grinding line, here are the reasons:

  1. The fineness of vertical roller mill can be adjusted between 80-325mesh, meeting different production requirements of customers.
  2. vertical grinding mill combines grinding, classifying and drying into one set, which not only saves investment capital for the customers but also save space occupation.
  3. vertical grinding mill can be ventilated hot air in order to dry the calcite with high moisture content. In this case, for calcite with higher moisture content, customers do not need to equip a dryer to dry the calcite, which is convenient and cost saving.
  4. The automatic control system of vertical roller mill can achieve remote control, making the grinding mill easy to operate. Besides, there is device to prevent roller sleeve contact with disc liner directly and to avoid the destructive impact and severe vibration of the vertical roller mill.

With the above mentioned features and advantages, vertical roller mill is very popular among customers to process calcite. And there are different models in this type that can handle different production conditions. If you are interested in SBM vertical roller mill for calcite powder production, please contact us.

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